Re: Eugene's nuclear threat

Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 17:46:41 MDT

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<< Spudboy: And that's GOOD.
 It means we can crawl around and drive souped up pickup trucks with
 improvised brush armor like in _Terminator_, because we won't be too
 high profile to survive the first wave, whoever gets the upper hand...
 Oh wait, maybe that's BAD...
 << 3/4 :) >> >>
I am guessing that director, James Cameron, would love your ideas; because
his appeal (quite a bit) to Luddite tendencies. Ok, its a cautionary tale
based on some of the fiction of Harlan Ellision. What about the concept
(weird as it may sound) that the A.I.'s and S.I.'s that follow are "nice" to
us? It would cost them very little in the way of energy/material/calculations
to do so. So they take us along on their journey's through the universe, and
eventually they build interesting virtual and non-virtual worlds for us and
them. We could make our own nightmares yes, but some of the worst ones are
ones external to us, like disease, and climate change (little ice ice) and so
forth. Nukes could do this too, as depicted in Terminator.

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