Re: Why would AI want to be friendly?

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 01:59:46 MDT writes:

> I think this is a good point (and welcome to the list!). It's not so
> much a problem in what we build into the AI, it's that "friendly" is
> a very loose concept. It's so loose that I doubt that it is really
> meaningful as a top-level goal. Such a goal would have to have a
> relatively precise definition, otherwise the AI will not be able to
> rigorously derive subgoals from it.

Apart from "friendly" being not a boolean metric, invariant all over
the place, whait is this "goal" thing?

It doesn't seem to be the standard AI meaning of goal, so I'd like to
hear the definition.

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