Making people passive

Cynthia (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 14:30:25 -0700

"Robert J. Bradbury" wrote:

> Would a better solution to lengthy imprisonments be
> engineering criminals for passivity or pacifistity?

Most people who have violence problems are losers too. So it seems reasonable to conclude that out of control violence is part of a bigger problem.

I think that most of us have genes for violence, but those genes are kept in check by other genes. The ability to imagine the pain of others and feel sympathy, is one thing that keeps violent tendencies in check. Another is fear of the consequences.

So a high tendency for violence coupled with some other deficiencies, is what adds up to a big violence problem. So the treatment shouldn't consist of making violent persons passive. What we need to do is increase their mental capibility so that they can control themselves. And if necessary, tone down their violent tendencies down into the normal (but not passive) range.

And who can object to making people smarter???