Re: A question not just for Natasha and Muse but everyone...

Bryan Moss (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 21:17:30 +0100

John Grigg wrote:

> My question for everyone is were you to come into a great deal of money
> and create your own club/restaurant in the present day how would you go
> about it? The building architecture? What would the interior decor be
> like? The dress of employees?

First I'd build a REAL BIG shaft. Then I'd build my club as a torus that would move up and down this shaft. Once everyone's inside the club it would begin to move upwards, slowly enough that the movement cannot be felt. Late into the night, when the club has reached the top, the floor would turn transparent revealing the sprawling city far below. All music would stop, there would be several minutes silence and then the countdown would begin. Five... four... three... two... one... the club would then drop creating several minutes of zero-g free fall. The club would come to a stop near the botton and the whole process would start again.

Drinks would have to be packaged in special containers and we'd have to avoid sharp pointed objects and glass for those people who do not manage to make a graceful landing. Interior decor... we could have bean bag style seating of different colours, perhaps some that glow, and these could float during free fall, it wouldn't really matter where they landed (perhaps they could have shapes that only become apparent in the absense of gravity).