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Thu, 30 Sep 1999 14:44:54 EDT

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<< If I have offended anyone by my words I apologize. I hoped to gear an intellectual discussion. Obviously when confronting someone else's belief system, emotions come into play. Please do not flame me. I consider my life journey to be Extropian but I perceive myself to differ in the areas previously mentioned. How do others view these concepts??

I am not an objectivist, and I totally support your views, however others may feel.
Uploading and objectivism are only part of the picture. No requirements for membership, (other than than you are attracted to a positive view of technology and aren't particularly superstitious... probably).

What I am attracted to is Extropic Art, life extension and positive optimism. Cryonics and uploading don't thrill me. But I love science and art so here's a playing field where the both shall meet!!

The objectivists are very vocal and share a need for rational thought and certainty that I find unlike my nature. ( Muse = artist-free-spirit-bleeding-heart-touchy-feely-feel-good -liberal-not-always-rational-and-emotionally-rambunctious person) Yet I have given the objectivists, libertarians and the hard science thinkers a good listen and I don't trash their views or scoff at them. They at least are "thinking people". And I love thinking people...

You are wise to say" don't flame me" - judging by the tone of this list, but most of the Extropians I know personally are rather polite. : - )