CRYO: Reanimation options [was Re: A question not...]

Robert J. Bradbury (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 09:34:32 -0700 (PDT)

John grigg wrote:

> ...And let's say you were reanimated after a long cryonic sleep in
> the early 22nd century only to learn the investments you owned while
> in storage had made you very rich! ...

John, if you can come up with a strategy that is going to let your investments fluorish over the period in which the singularity occurs I would like to hear about it. Nanotech stands a good chance of leaving bankrupt most older forms of wealth storage. If you aren't alive to manage it, I would doubt you are going to wake up wealthy.

[Caveat - its distintly possible that everyone is effectively wealthy in NanoEra and the only differences are those you choose to perceive...]

Spike Jones wrote:

> If you had investments made before you were frozen, then reanimated,
> you would need to wrest the dough from the yahoo who thinks he owns it,
> since you, of course, were dead and frozen. I have decided to not worry
> about investments and hope that the future world is Star Trekish enough
> that people do not need money. spike

If you investigate the Cryo option, you will find that there are some recomendations about setting up offshore trusts. I believe there are reasonable strategies for setting up investment trusts, picking good fund managers (pick the guy with the best 5/3/2 year average record), distribute the funds internationally, have multiple law firms watch things carefully, etc. If Cryonics were more popular, there would be packages that you could buy into to do all this.

Now, from my perspective the really interesting question about Cryonics, is the discussion about the relative time differences between two developments: bio-nanotech enabled reanimation and uploading. It may be distinctly possible that uploading a deanimated frozenaut may be feasible *before* bio-nanotech reanimation (or downloading into a new body a previous uploaded frozenaut).

Do people in thinking about cryonics select between the various options I can see:
(a) Reanimate using the first available technology

(so I can save what little wealth I have left).

  (b) Reanimate using the first upload technology.
  (c) Reanimate using the first bio-nanotech to restore my body/brain.
  (d) Reanimate when the successful reanimation rate is XX%
      (you really don't think these are all going to work do you?) :-)
(e) Reanimate when I'm worth $10^? or X% of the World's GDP. (f) Reanimate when the world is dominated by extropians

and transhumanists.

  (g) Reanimate when the SI-suitors start courting our Earth-mind.
  (h) Reanimate when bodies are bulletproof.
  (i) Reanimate when tanks can be liscensed as street vehicles.

I'm sure some of you have other criteria that might be of interest. But *how* do you select between these given an uncertain future? I can imagine pages of legal gobbledygook specifying numerous conditions for the go/nogo decisions.