Re: Crocker's Rules vs. Love & Rocket Science
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 16:41:51 -0400

Lee Crocker Daniels writes:
>Arrogance is harmless folly; it is rigidity that gets in the way

In some philosophical frameworks, particularly Taoism, arrogance is

Whether or not one accepts Taoist analysis, this also relates to

Kathryn Aegis

>I also, just to be sure, looked through a nettiquette book and
>could not find anything about 80 characters per line. Or even
>sentence length.

Not a very well written book, 80 characters is the width of the screen, and plain ASCII is the standard format.

I was merely pointing out that when I receive messages like the above I normally skip them, rather then play race back and forth with the arrow keys. Same for HTML junk.....

You may post in whatever format you like of course....


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