Re: Art, Environment and Architecture(was)Extropic Flare In NY Art , Scene

Anders Sandberg (
29 Sep 1999 15:33:10 +0200 writes:

> The only thing I am SURE of is that the shapes will have
> a heck of a lot more curves than they do now.

Right now we make things straight and orthogonal since it is so hard to build otherwise; with nanofacture and especially when large structures can be built by free-running nanosystems there is no need to do that. So we will likely get much more curves and fractals.

> A planner would plan the
> "growth" of the buildings, why not whole cities. They could even be planned
> to grown over a certain time frame, as population increased.

I wonder how to program a graceful aging into the structure. Maybe that will be a natural result as adaptive buildings adapt to their environment and each other.

> I remember that island...
> Please send me a detailed private e-mail description of your waterfall city
> Anders and I'll be happy to do some sketches of it .....and perhaps who
> knows, even a seed may plant in my mind for a whole painting!! The jungle
> awaits....

I think most of the discussion was on this list, so it should be *somewhere* in the archives. But I don't remember the subject line...

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