Re: violence

Brian D Williams (
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 07:34:03 -0700 (PDT)

From: Phil <>

 > > (b) changes in technology that
 > > make the use of guns "sexier", there is much more appeal to
 > > shooting up a cafeteria or a house if you can do it at 10
 > > rounds a second;

>Strangely, I don't think anyone has used automatic weapons in a
>mass shooting in America. I have often heard people talk about
>recent shootings as if automatic weapons were used, but they
>weren't in any of the shootings this year.

The remaining automatics are few and expensive, of course when you've already broken 20 gun laws why not break 21.

The last known use of automatics I know of was the bank robbery in L.A. awhile back. The reason you didn't hear much about that was that the weapons had been smuggled in from China, and nobody wanted to embarrass bill's real masters.

Here in Chicago I've several times been offered fully automatic AK- 47's still in their original Chinese packing boxes/cosmoline for alot less then I could buy the semiautomatic version legally in a good gun store.

In other words gun laws are useless....


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