Re: Women, fire, and dangerous things

David Lubkin (
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 11:20:04 -0400

On 9/27/99, at 6:59 PM, Carol Tilley wrote:

>Your lesson well learned, David. A *gentleman* is never "accidentally" rude;
>a *gentleman* is intentionally rude. But, I love rollercoasters and you
>must, too. Looking forward to a day riding the rails with you on opening
>day at Nano-Land!

You're being a little too subtle for me. It sounds like I'm being rebuked for omitting women from my questions and my term "gentleman" in my two recent postings.

Except that all my questions did include women. And the term "gentleman" was used because it appears in the original Victorian quotation I was paraphrasing. You'll notice the second sentence is gender-neutral.

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