Re: Does a nanotech pleasure city have to be productive??
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 18:28:40 EDT

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<< I realize Muse that you were making the point that not every city should HAVE to be economically productive but ironically this city would be a fantastic tourist attraction!! If it were attacked it would probably be by the jealous combined forces of the Disney and Universal Studios Alliance! I can just imagine air cavalry units composed of troops mounted on flying Dumbo's and great white sharks! Scary!!

Point well taken. I was thinking more in terms of a polulace with well developed aesthetics and highly tuned sensory nodes, rather than pleasure-seekers.

On another note: I have never found the "happiest place on earth" particularly pleasant or aesthetically pleasing to the senses (especially the food - gack!!!). Disneyland with nanotech would be well ordered, immaculate & deadly...