Re: Extropic Art: Re: Why?

Phil (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 13:32:34 -0500 (EST)

> Second, MY OPINION: most artists dont need a rational to do art. THey
> don;t give a rat's ass what you think or why they do it, they juast work
> pedal to the medal.
> you know, like the Nike ads: JUST DO IT!
> Personally:
> I am not one of those people who thinks art SHOULD be rational, in fact I
> find it a respite from that odious adjective, but if you want it to be
> rational, then have at it.
> Ayn Rand made a total bozo out of herself trying to do just that.
> Now, quit flogging a dead horse and get to work -- writing a poem or
> something.

The artist doesn't need a rationale, but the scientist needs a rationale. Art is the last aspect of human existence without a good evolutionary explanation.