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> > You are only once again attempting to infiltrate your propaganda
> > here because it bores evangelists to preach to the choir. Well,
> > your NRA shill song-and-dance is not welcome here,...
> Speak for yourself. I think if you asked the membership here to
> vote on who is more "welcome" on this list between the two of you,
> you would be very unpleasantly surprized. All of us tend to inject
> our personal views about subjects we feel passionate about: I'll
> use just about any excuse to talk about copyright law, Lojban,
> medical quackery, circumcision (that one's particularly hard to
> sneak in), and a few other subjects. But we should all try to at
> least do so with some concern for topicality, list volume, and
> rational discourse. Mr. Lorrey does dance on that line now and
> then, as do I; you crossed the line so long ago you can't even see
> it in the rear view mirror anymore.
Aren't you an NRA member, too?
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