Re: violence...
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 14:48:42 EDT

<< > You are only once again attempting to infiltrate your propaganda
> here because it bores evangelists to preach to the choir. Well,
> your NRA shill song-and-dance is not welcome here,...

>>Speak for yourself. I think if you asked the membership here to
>vote on who is more "welcome" on this list between the two of you,
>you would be very unpleasantly surprized. >>

Atually, since this is an uncensored forum once again, both are welcome, & both are tedious, since the minds are firmly set, the lines are firmly drawn, and no one cares to change their viewpoint, only spew "facts" that support the two positions.

The only thing that should surprise the list is that this redundant thread still draws posts, after it has been hashed, rehashed, unhashed, and hash-browned.