Re: Art, Environment and Architecture(was)Extropic Flare In NY Art , Scene

Anders Sandberg (
27 Sep 1999 14:42:35 +0200 writes:

> >>I'd be thankful for any pointers to other artistic visions other than
> H.R. Giger's, though. There should be lots of them.
> Thanks, Gene, you and I are on the same page, if I was more succinct I would
> have said exactly THAT! ... and the reason why i won't go Giger (and some day
> when you have had enough beer that you won't remember a thing, I will let
> you look at my cybergirl series which inadvertantly got *very* Gigerish) --
> his art is in a color scheme that implies rot, death and decay. It's horroe
> genre. It impies pain. And metal. And low temperatures. Of course, he mixes
> bio with machine which is a theme I adore, and he's a friggin' genius. But i
> want lively, yummie, soft, inviting futurecities.
> That AIN"T giger.

Of course, all the future teenagers with angst (it is a social custom, almost everybody buys themselves a teenage angst personality mod sometime during their adolescence :-) will use nan to redecorate their rooms or houses a la Giger.

My problem with Giger nano is that most of his organic shapes are based on organs and stuff we find in current biology, and they might not be optimal for "nanorgans" which would look quite different. So a nanotech Giger might look quite different in some respects. As I imagine advanced nanotech stuff it would look like iridiscent fractals, with the geometric style of plankton, coral or seashells, possibly with perfectly smooth and rounded surfaces protecting delicate laceworks of fractal activity inside.

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