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Joe E Dees wrote:

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> > > > Which is why giving citizens the ability to carry their own guns is so
> > > > important. There is no surer or swifter, certain or consistent
> > > > punishment than to be shot by your victim at the scene of the crime. Its
> > > > the only death penalty that works.
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> Mike, this is Joe Dees. I am more than willing to begin our dance
> again if you once again begin to abuse this list as an NRA
> Propaganda tool. Are you prepared for another 1200 email
> exchange, or are you willing to keep your fucking word and take
> this bullshit to the other list for which it was established and in
> which it belongs?

Well, Robert, I must admit that Joe has decided to express himself in rather inelegant terms, but my perception of your presentation is that it is polemical or propagandistic rather than logical, and vulnerable to factual and logical rebuttal.

I understand you have strong feelings about our national talisman; but you must be willing prove your case logically and not merely present some ad hominem justification for what in fact is simply a value-judgment, a personal preference. Neither of these can be either true or false -- they are simply statements about how you feel, and while your feelings should be respected, they cannot be the basis for rational persuasion.


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