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> > > > Which is why giving citizens the ability to carry their own guns is so
> > > > important. There is no surer or swifter, certain or consistent
> > > > punishment than to be shot by your victim at the scene of the crime. Its
> > > > the only death penalty that works.
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> Mike, this is Joe Dees. I am more than willing to begin our dance
> again if you once again begin to abuse this list as an NRA
> Propaganda tool. Are you prepared for another 1200 email
> exchange, or are you willing to keep your fucking word and take
> this bullshit to the other list for which it was established and in
> which it belongs?

When did I ever promise to not discuss the subject of violence on the extropians list on a permanent basis? I did not start this thread, I am merely responding to unanswered allegations. I did start the exi-freedom mail list in response to the one month of censoship on the extropians mail list. The person who was making the discussion previously unbearable for a number of list members was you and your crass language and rude personal attacks, as evidenced by your statement above.

As I have said in the past, despite your lies about my position, that I feel much as you, but I am not confident in placing in the government's hands the ability to determine a person's unfitness to carry if they are not a felon and are not protected by due process. You seem to have a problem with the NRA, not me, and are trying to paint me as the NRA's shill, simply because you like to pick fights. It was you who was tossed from the extropians list for disobeying the restrictions, not me. I obeyed them and started my own list to function as a conduit of truth during the interim period of censorship. I found that of the 15 people I personally asked to subscribe, almost all did, and we gained a number of others from a general invitation to the list. Since the end of the ban period, traffic there has died down, but is not non-existent.

Mike Lorrey