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Sun, 26 Sep 1999 13:40:44

Nadia wrote:

>Ayn Rand made a total bozo out of herself trying to do just that.
>Now, quit flogging a dead horse and get to work -- writing a poem or

Actually, I don't write poetry anymore...but I will post one which, I believe, sums up my thoughts on art.


Love ruminates and illuminates
And dances upon the artist's soul,
With a cloven foot and a callused palm
And a will to make the meaning whole.

Life's creations reveal sensations
And notions of what beauty should be,
And what it is now and has always been
And helps unveil the mystery.

The artist creates, his passion pulsates, And the world is awed by his intent --unclear, While their thoughts try to hide from their mind's eyes, What they want to see, they try to fear.

For all that is true, and all that is new Is never enough to convince those who Know, And the truth is forbidden --merely locked inside, And the process of art is painful and slow.

But the artist persists and his spirit resists The ties to all judgment and extrapolation, He ignores all the bounds and demands on his work And devotes himself wholly to his creation.

By: E. Shaun Russell

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