Best/Densest languages [was RE: PROGRAMMING: Free Tools]

Robert J. Bradbury (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 09:53:54 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 26 Sep 1999, O'Regan, Emlyn wrote:

> Actually, I'll agree that the most extropic language would probably be C
> (C++ has had too many commitees involved to be in the running). But I'll
> still support Delphi; it survives because it is such a powerful programming
> tool, which has evolved from a long line of powerful programming tools
> which were commercially successful because they were just really good.

What about Perl? Its primarily the product of a single mind but incorporates the insights of many.

And isn't there a new language running around Bell Labs?

I believe a recent interview with Ken Thompson, praised the "new language" (or it could have been their new OS) because it only allowed a single way of doing things, in contrast to Perl where there are many ways of doing things.

If I am to believe an axiom of the "enlightened" perspective, then the greatest freedom is to have no choice? [So you focus on just doing the job, rather than the best way to do the job...]

What is currently the densest language (i.e. the fewest lines on the part of the programmer, result in the greatest amount of work on the part of the machine?) SQL?