RE: PROGRAMMING: Free Tools Finally Available

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 14:00:00 +1000

> Dan Fabulich wrote:
> > > Pascal is an evil language built on fascist values and is therefore
> not
> > > extropic.
> >
> > Uh. What? :) Care to say a little more about that?
Bryan Moss wrote:
> Imagine you're learning to drive. As your driving instructor I have
> decided
> that the car is too complex a beast for my students to learn. Instead I
> teach you to drive a train. As my first student to learn by train I'm
> very
> pleased to see you're not diverting from your course, unlike my former
> students. You learn quickly and soon you're ready to hit the streets in a
> car. Many people are killed.
> Pascal was designed on the premise of teaching programming by restricting
> what the programmer can do. This is both evil and fascist.
> BM
If pascal is driving a train to learn to drive a car, then C is learning to drive by being put in the smash up derby, and C++ is learning the same by being put in a pod-racer from Star Wars - The Phantom Menace!

Cynthia wrote:

Ah, but Object Pascal is Pascal's beautiful daughter.

Right on! Bryan apparently hasn't seen pascal since the early eighties. It's like comparing QBasic to VB (which I do quite frequently as a low down oratorical technique, which is reprehensible really, but then VB deserves it).

Actually, I'll agree that the most extropic language would probably be C (C++ has had too many commitees involved to be in the running). But I'll still support Delphi; it survives because it is such a powerful programming tool, which has evolved from a long line of powerful programming tools which were commercially successful because they were just really good.

Eugene Leitl wrote:

I think Forth provides you with the alternative to do both. In a way,

it's Lisp's ugly duckling sister.

Eugene, you must be a native german speaker; forth could only appeal strongly to people whose natural language uses reverse polish notation! Just kidding, I love rpn myself, I have a section of my brain devoted to rpn which can never be reused. I I forth in programmed have never admit.

To get back to the original "free tools finally available" topic; if you really need free, then you can always go off to unix/linux land, or there's always DEBUG (ha ha).

central thematic statement of VB: "If you can't fix it with a hammer, you can't fix it"