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Sat, 25 Sep 1999 19:28:59 -0700

At 09:26 PM 9/25/99 EDT, Nadia wrote:

>> > Is it to prove one's ability?


>>If I produce a painting -- it is to not to establish to anyone else my own
>>authenticity or validity. My work speaks for itself and the emotion of
>>expression has its own worth.

>For this Muse, it is different, I *definetely* paint and create to prove
>myself. Not that I need the approval of *all* people, but if everyone hated
>my work I would be very crushed. I consider myself a very good artist, but I
>like to be seen, heard and liked.

Sure, I understand. I suppose I placed this aspect of the question aside and went with Poet E. Shaun's "prove" in a more austere sense. I will say that I am my worst critic, and I am rather a bit of a type A when it comes to overworking myself to make sure I'm doing my best to achieve what I set out to.

>> >why is it necessary to attain popular approval for one's own creations?

>>It isn't necessary. It is business. I'm not interested in popular
>>approval as much as I am interested in producing work that is valuable and
>>having my business successful. To questions the necessity of getting
>>approval sure sounds like a very insecure person. Not good for creating or

>Damn right, Natasha, and a lot of people think artists don't really
>I am always hearing "oh how fun that must be" - fun... hah!!!

Ha! I can just image you proving to yourself and the world that you are having fun -:) I'm having fund, damn it - don't pay attention to the masterpiece, just think of it as fun!

>> >Why does an artist feel the need to either
>> >conform to or react against popular culture?

>>I suppose the same reason anyone would conform or react? It is not a
>> prescribed character trait of us artists -:)

>Who are you to say what we feel a need to do? I paint pretty things, that
>have nothing to do with pop culture, then I blatantly offend stutus quo in
>the next breath.

Your response here to E. Shaun is more enthusiastic than mine -:)

>>>And again, what *is* the
>>>purpose of art?

>>Imagine a world without it? Can we get through a day without interfacing
>> with art?

>Yeah , you might as well ask, what is the purpose of creation, or what is
>purpose of expression? (snip)


> >So when talking
> >about popular art, is there a lowest common denominator of sorts to
> >determine what people will like or want to see?

>> I'm not sure we can group civilization together so tightly by giving a
>>one-liner sound bite to "art for civilization's sake."

>Enuff said. Except, I would add, where is this question coming from, and why
>do you ask it. And what -- to you -- is lowest denominator popular art?
>hmm.... for me I woudl say.... Beany Babies?


>>(snip -- Natasha's good answer about storytelling)

>And again not to hammer in a point, it is a trained ear that hears the
>subtley of beats and the scientific instrument that measures the
> and both are important to understanding the beast...

I got some more nails.

Good points Nadia.