Re: TO: Joe Dees et al.: Vectors & Zeros & meaning
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 22:24:48 EDT

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> So, whether or not there is such an entity
> as a self in existence, there can be no delusion, and there is no
> room between the twin horns of this dilemma, since the either-or
> alternatives encompass all the possible situational alternatives.
> Q.E.D., the Zen Doctrine of No-Mind, which asserts that such a
> belief is necessarily deluded, when in fact it cannot be, must be
> false.
> There is a way around this argument. What is it?
> Have fun, Joe
> >
Lets go with what we sense. We are, without much doubt, a central nervous system with an external sensory feedback-loop. As a central nervous system, we also have (contain) opinions, attitudes and beliefs. Where we go after this is one of the big questions, definitely worth asking; definitely difficult to answer.