Astronomy Music (was: One Year Too Late)

Amara Graps (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 00:46:31 +0100

Larry Klaes ( Wed, 22 Sep 1999 writes:

>But perhaps someone who is into music professionally and/or
>knows someone in this field could create their own version
>of what the Oregon Symphony Orchestra did in 1998...

>Music of the Voyager Space Probe:
>The Carl Sagan Memorial Concert:

In 1998, a composer named Stephen Taylor wrote a symphony called Shattering Suns around SOHO Michelson-Doppler-Imager (MDI) "sound" data of the Sun. The sound data came from helioseismology doppler images from one of SOHO's instruments. The doppler velocity data was processed in a way to retain only the low angular degree oscillation modes (out of the million or so modes), and the spacecraft motion effects, the instrumental noise, and the solar supergranulation effects were removed, and then the frequencies were speeded up 42,000 times to bring the sounds into human audible range. I like these sounds alot. You can hear some of them here:

Stephen Taylor's Sun grand symphony music can be heard here:

I'm in the middle of trying my hand at creating "sounds" from dust impact rate data from the Galileo spacecraft Dust Detector. I hope that I can create something as cool :-).


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