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J. R. Molloy (
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 08:16:49 -0700

I received the following on another mailing list.

>From Jack Kammer

If Men Have All the Power...
...How Come Women Make the Rules?

Good question, eh?

It's also the title of a brief, provocative, fun and interesting book you can download for free and send to your friends and acquaintances to give them a few new things to think about (or new ways to think about old things).

My agent tried her best but could not find a publisher. One editor wrote to her, "The contempt this book would inspire among the women in house would be immense. I'll let one of my male competitors be the one who gets pummeled."

Warren Farrell tried to get his publisher to take it, but still no luck.

Since the book touches on an array of issues quickly, it makes a good introduction to the men's movement. Maybe you have friends who know you're interested in the subject, but who don't really understand why you care so much. This book is perfect for them.

So I invite you to take a copy. It's available free on the Internet at:

All I ask is that you send your comments after you read it. Contact details at website.

It can be printed or read entirely on-screen. It is light and breezy, attractively formatted, has colorful pictures and takes only about 75 minutes to read cover to cover.

I hope you and your friends have fun with "If Men Have All the Power How Come Women Make the Rules." And I hope it helps spread the idea that men have important issues, too.

Best Regards,
Jack Kammer