Re: PROGRAMMING: Free Tools Finally Available

Eugene Leitl (
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 15:45:08 -0700 (PDT)

Anders Sandberg writes:

> So you don't like bondage and discipline languages? :-) Actually, it
> is interesting to see the values inherent in different
> languages. Lisp/scheme has a strong bottom-up tendency, with a
> Hofstadterian aesthetic. C is a quick and dirty "let's do it"
> language. And just like architecture might form the kind of

I think Forth provides you with the alternative to do both. In a way, it's Lisp's ugly duckling sister.

> organisations that work in it (can you see the boss or vice versa? who
> do you meet? how accessible are people?) the languages might influence
> what we write and how we think (a kind of software Sapir-Worf
> hypothesis).
> So, what is the hidden values of object oriented programming?
> Reification? Monads?