Re: Nanovation Technologies

Octavio Rojas Diaz (
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 15:11:21 -0500

Max More wrote:

> >
> >All optical is the way to go, unfortunately no ones willing to
> >build it. (too expensive).
> Hi Brian. There's no doubt that all-optical is expensive, but I have no
> doubt that we are heading in that direction. I would not say that "no one's
> willing to build it", since I see it being built out rapidly, although it
> will probably be years before fiber makes it all the way to the home.
> Qwest, for example, having completed its 18,500 mile optical network, is
> now building "inward" closer to homes and businesses. In meantime, in 2000
> we're going to see a massive increase in usage of cable modems, various
> flavors of DSL, and the beginnings of broadband wireless, all of which will
> alleviate the last-mile problem, at least a bit -- until people demand more
> movies over the Net (then interactive VR...).

I've heard that there is an initiative to build internet 2, and that it'll have a lot more bandwidth, and will allow among other things, VR, Telesurgery, etc, the us goverment, along with others are already on this project