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<< The coward's way out of Nadia's challenge: assuming nano arrives about a decade before 2050, all predictions we can currently come up with are ridiculously (what an understatement) off.

no no no, not coward's way... the non-artists way!!! We dont care care if we are right, we don't need to be, we are havin' BIG FUN -- just cause we get it right once in awhile like Jules Verne, measn we'll try anything!! Hey... you know... we want to shine flashlights on fairies... have you heard of a chimera? thats the muse you see....

>>I'd be thankful for any pointers to other artistic visions other than H.R. Giger's, though. There should be lots of them.

Thanks, Gene, you and I are on the same page, if I was more succinct I would have said exactly THAT! ... and the reason why i won't go Giger (and some day when you have had enough beer that you won't remember a thing, I will let you look at my cybergirl series which inadvertantly got *very* Gigerish) -- his art is in a color scheme that implies rot, death and decay. It's horroe genre. It impies pain. And metal. And low temperatures. Of course, he mixes bio with machine which is a theme I adore, and he's a friggin' genius. But i want lively, yummie, soft, inviting futurecities. That AIN"T giger.
; - )

Also exoterra work has been done to death. I mean how many 2001's and Aliens images can we find? a lot. But the only guy who uses bright colors is Syd Mead. But he's so god-damn industrial age. Possibly Roger Dean, though his stuff is 70's and very *very* retro..." Rocks, fish-spaceships, mushrooms, waterfalls, floating islands, soft oranges, blues, yellows, greens...

[On a final note: Maybe someday I will understand the science parts of Eugene's posts: please adjust your universal translater to the IQ level of 199.1
thank you]