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> > The whole myth of 'saving' one's self
> > for marriage was
> > only expected of daughters of aristocratic families,
> > most other people
> > got married with one already in the oven.
> I'd agree there is a strong element of keeping the
> value of "goods", keeping the breeding lines (and
> hence property ) under control.
> We really need statistics on this.

Ha fat chance.

> > The increased violence is a backlash against the way
> > in which the
> > societal drift toward a matriarchal society
> > manifests itself as a
> > fascism of politial correctness toward mens
> > traditional recreational
> > activities.
> Do you really think our (Aust/US/Western) society is
> anywhere near a matriarchy?. The majority of power
> positions are still held by men. Also most wealth is
> still in male hands. If you allow women equal access
> to jobs etc, there has to be some change that includes
> greater female power than before.

At least half of the state legislatures in the US are now majority of women. The media is dominated by women, by NOW, and has swallowed hook line and sinker the feminist propaganda.

> [...]
> > A centralized agricultural society may
> > have been developed
> > to work in such a way as to allow a hunting
> > recreation, but industrial
> > society is not built for man or to permit him to
> > fulfill his need for
> > the hunt, as illustrated by the prevalence of serial
> > killers in the
> > urban environment, etc., much of it tries to force
> > man into the most
> > economically efficient box.
> I agree that a lot of violence may come from the
> frustrating roles (ie boredom) and some desire to
> escape them. Even quite terrible violence might
> attract people due to this.
> What about satisfying the "hunting" urge
> metaphorically, i.e, the intellectual hunt for
> knowledge, games, etc?

Ah, but you must have a capacity for that to begin with, and while I do like mind games, they (and simulations) are nothing like being out in the wilderness, tracking another animal, calling it in. IMHO people who are satisfied with mere simulations must lead extremely dull lives.

> If you largely relied on wilderness hunting to reduce
> urban violence, it might take a pretty high toll on
> the environment. There are so many city dwellers these
> days, compared to earlier times.

Ah, but I don't think that even a small percentage need to actually hunt, but those that do hunt not only release a pressure valve in themselves, but in the rest of society because they are no longer contributors to the societal stress. The high level of constraint in liberal states prevents this release.