Re: violence...

J. R. Molloy (
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 11:17:24 -0700

>While on the
>economic side of things they are fairly relaxed and open
>I think things are much more regulated in terms of personal
>freedoms (driving a car, littering, drugs, pornography, etc.).

Right, they have freedom where it really counts: economics.

>And yet there is relatively little violence in Singapore to the
>best of my knowledge. Why? This is also generally true I
>believe for Japan. [While you might make the "martial law"
>case for Singapore, I doubt you can make it for Japan.] IMO,
>one could begin to make a case for either (a) genetics; or
>(b) cultural values as being the determining factors in expressions
>of violence. I believe that the three countries with the largest per
>capita prison populations are the U.S., China and Russia. Given the
>diversity of governments in these countries, it seems difficult to pin
>the violence card on the government. I will admit however that
>teasing apart per-capita prison populations is probably a poor
>approach due to the problems of political prisoners and really
>stupid (drug) laws.

Again, the US has the kind of freedom that counts: economic freedom.