Nanovation Technologies [Was: Nanogirl News)

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More info on this iterm:

*Nanovation Technologies is listed in an article about the 4 top stocks of
the next decade. "Enter now a private company called Nanovation Technologies
that proposes to eliminate digital gridlock by introducing new networking
semiconductors and switches powered by speedy pulses of light rather than
pokey old electrons. A reader named McNally, writing from British Columbia,
suggested this one, noting that the firm is "not listed, but on the bottom
rung of the electronic to photonic computer transformation. Important
patents in place."

That quote comes from Jon Markman's Supermodels investing column at MSN Moneycentral. The server is acting up right now, so I can't get the URL for his previous column, which I believe was the one mentioning Nanovation. But the current column lists quite a few companies that are using cutting edge technology and that *might* make hugely profitable investments. Markman's column is at:


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