Re: :Weird mysterious ineffable stuff

Green Sound (
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 15:34:37 0100

In a universe where consciousness is easy to instantiate lets create a piece of galactic art called "The Existential Statement." First, we convert all the matter and energy in the universe into little boxes, half of them white and half of them black. Then, inside each of these boxes we instantiate a consciousness: the white boxes experience heaven the black boxes experience hell. Also, each of these boxes have their own power source to sustain them for a million years. So now we have a universe filled with little boxes experiencing the qualia of either bliss or agony.

I don't want to believe in this type of universe. Instead, I believe that qualia ceases when a Turing machine no longer interacts with the universe. I believe this safety valve comes from the unpredictability of quantum states and that qualia only occurs when the rigid phase space of the machine couples with the fundamentally unpredictable phase space of the universe creating a new phase space. A qualia experiencing phase space. The universe WILL NOT allow you predict its path through phase space, and this acts as the safety valve for all qualia experiencing machines. These values cannot be simulated so qualia cannot be produced ex nihilo.