Re: Extropic Flare In NY Art Scene
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 05:25:34 EDT

Someone wrote:

>Club Float looks pretty, but ten other clubs in NYC are using that decor as
>well, and they draw a really boring yuppie crowd for the most part. The
>decor is just a backdrop, nothing really interesting or experimental going
>on there. A huge new club opened in DC (2K9) with a millenial/cyber decor,
>and it's the same thing.

Boring. Noting Interesting. Inertia. Narrow focus. Put down.

Backdrop is important. Backdrop of Life. Life as theater. Theater as impact. Impact as vision. Vision as passion. Passion as impetus. Impetus as drive. Drive as Force. Force as movement. Movement. Go. Accelerate. New.

>When I go to a club, I'm more interested in the people, are they
>experimenting? Are they creating an intense scene that changes from week
>to week as the people change their interests? To me, that creates a moving
>art scene, one that is temporary but very intense, and a new performance
>every night.

People *are* affected by architecture, design and decor, including smells, music... Sensual beings, sensing that entire ambiance of a place. Our experience is greatly affected by it "BUT ONLY IF WE ARE ATTUNED TO DELICACY OR IMAGERY AND ENVIRONMENT". It is like taking a moment to breathe in the air of a new city and finding out what it has ti offer. We must be finely tuned to use it. It is a learned skill, and a valued one, IMO. It requires a stepping outside of one's own ego and personal experience for a moment and saying "what affects me here" - detached from one's own agenda. It requires a love of life and all it offers. i t requires a large focus, liek blurring your eyes when you look at neon lights. It is availble if we look for it, but it does not appear - not for the singleminded.

I loved the original post (I have seen the images, not the actual venues) because it touched on something that Fascinates Me.

When i first heard of the Exi list, I imagined a forum where playful, highly tuned visionaries threw out ideas - images(being an artist i visualized it that way).I had seen the magazine and it was very visual. It also had a lot of words - but even the words invited "visions" of the future. I thought of unlimited people playfully inventing hyroponics gardens in the air, emerald islands of nano, huge utopian offworld colonies, implants, neuromancer jacked in environments, genetic engineering feats, the end of labor, rockets, landfills, floating cities, etc etc.


What I am encountering instead ( to my great aMUSEment) is dour resistance to "play" - some critical critical can I say it again critical.....nay saying festivities.

Look, N's post was fun! It was ticklish! It was EVOCATIVE... To me, it made me want to know more -- want to find out what it was about her that simplw photos of places, gaev rise to images -- that made her brain tick! Made her want to share them to our little cyber culture! It struck me that it might be ambience, or moodand environment that simply reminded us "what are we doing to make our place in the world a part of the visions we seek to portray!!!

Possible tools for recreating our live-spaces: Lighting, color, texture, cast metals, lovely people, beads, elevators, curves, anilmals, screens, smells, stairs, music, large space, dancers, fuzzy materials, levels, images, projection, holos... etc... ...sigh.... incredible...