Re: Extropic Art Flare In NY Art Scene
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 04:23:56 EDT

In a message dated 9/21/1999 3:46:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Damien B writes:

<< >Um, there would be many people on this list who weren't yet born when 2001
>came out... Maybe even Tron. These are retro-futures. That's not what you
>meant, is it? >>

Mead's art is still modern, no matter what year he did the work. Just like Frank Lloyd Wright is still 'modern', because his design philosophy is a hair a more advanced than most of today's architects (barring Prince, Kellogg, Niles and a few others). Same with Lautner, though it is retro it is still futuristic and in many ways unsurpassed.

*My* definition of retro would imply reinventing a trend rehashed from past popular culture (i.e.: 70's polyester, lava lamps, peplum jackets, etc.) that is recognizable as old fashioned, hence: kitsch. Retro-future would also imply kitsch: ie clunky robots, divign helmets, etc.

Syd Mead's Tron is still a futurist design piece.Look carefully at his drawings.The ergonomics work. So do his architectural and industrial designs. His work never made it into mainstream, even though many people saw Tron, they did not emulate it. Blade Runner was actually a "flop" in the eighties, and didn't become a cult classic until many years after.

His work did not become mainstream and it has never been widely accepted. He represents Extropian views. His philosophy is not retro - it is forward thinking - promoting technology as friend not foe. He is still a futurist, even if some of his drawings were done yesterday.