Re: "What is Science" FAQ, draft 2

Tue, 21 Sep 1999 15:40:07 +0200

It appears as if Ken Clements <> wrote:
|Your comment about being inside Matrix-like chambers is very close to what is
|going on in your own head. The part of your brain that thinks about the
+ outside
|world does not get the direct sense data, but is given a composite VR by the
|autonomic parts of the rest of your brain. You can do little visual
+ experiments
|on yourself to see the flaws in the simulation, and researchers learn more by
|study of those who have major defects in parts of the system.

I have taken part in experiments where one puts one or another part of the brain system offline by introducing a sleep inducing agent into an artery leading up into the brain. (Actually one puts the whole brain into sleep mode for some time, but the parts of interest wake up much faster.) Those kinds of experiments give a quite.. unique view of one's wetware components.

One should avoid these kinds of experiments without proper medical support as we currently do not enjoy brain backup systems.

These experiments gave more validity to the idea of introducing a new cybernetic brain unit into the system. Cyborgs have more fun. :-)