Re: Extropic Flare In NY Art Scene

Spike Jones (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 21:47:52 -0700

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> Overall, the theme of the 90s seems to have been retro. As we pass the
> millennium there is a real chance to see people start exploring new
> stuff rather than rehashing the last decades...

Anders I seem to recall a [possibly mistaken] meme that there was an explosion of interest in long term technological projects, extropian thought of the day, etc, right after the dawn of this millenium. There was a general notion that time was coming to an end, but after the odometer rolled over, people realized no, this old world is here to stay for a while. Were not the massive cathedrals of Europe started in the 11th century?

>Hope you are feeling better! {8-] spike

...No problem, I usually get rid of colds quickly (vitamin c, lots of sleep and too little time to waste by being inefficient)...

Now waaaaait a minute Anders. Linus Pauling claimed that vitamin c helped rid one of colds, but I understood that the research was never replicated under controlled conditions, so the whole notion was dismissed. Am I mistaken? spike