Re: Spam control

Craig Presson (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 14:59:42 -0700 (PDT)

On the mailing lists I run, closing the list to non-members has stopped what little spam we get -- it bounces to the list owner. I guess we haven't attracted any crafty spammers yet.

> I am on several mailing lists, and I have never gotten any
> spam through any of those lists, in thousands of messages. I don't know
> how onelist stops it, but whatever they do seems to be very effective.
> Since onelist is free of charge, I wonder if it might not be a good idea
> to move the extropians lists to This can be done without
> the current subscribers having to re-subscribe; they can all be
> re-subscribed by the list owner in one operation.

I just moved all my majordomo lists to onelist, since I'm getting off the ISP that was hosting them. You avoid spam at the cost of seeing an ad with each message, choose your poison. Onelist has a lot of nice features, though ...

> > This setting does, however, make it tricky for folks like me who
> > get on the net from several different access points to send mail
> > to the list from some of them (my postings often come from
> > "" even though my real address is
> > ""). That's a minor annoyance, and I (and others)
> > can work around it, but it's an example of how security can get
> > in the way of legitimate use.
> I would think that a person who uses several addresses habitually could
> subscribe each of them, but perhaps there is some reason why that would
> be inconvenient, like getting the same messages at all the addresses.

That's the problem with majordomo, but with some of the other list servers, including onelist, you can set "nomail" mode on all but the primary. So when I'm using a webmail thingie to read email, I can also reply.


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