Joao Pedro Magalhaes (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 18:36:19 +0100


At 17:37 19-09-1999 -0700, you wrote:
>I can only assume that your experience with mailing lists is very
>limited, because the ExI lists are in fact more free from this kind
>of mail than most. The fact is, the internet is /full/ of crap
>like this, because the world is full of idiots who believe it. I
>personally get about 5-10 such emails a day, only rarely from the
>lists here.

I'm presently subscribed to 5 (7, if you count 2 from which I rarely receive any e-mails) mailing-lists and this one is the worst.

>> As in most security problems in real life, the draconian measures
>> required to eradicate it completely would also stifle too much
>> useful discussion. So most sensible admins take reasonable measures
>> to cut down on the crap (if they didn't you'd get 10 times as much
>> as you get now), and learn to live with the rest. That's one
>> price of freedom: putting up with some crap you don't like.
>Would it not be possible to stop the spam on this list by setting
>majordomo to reject posts from any address which is not in the list of
>addresses subscribed? Wherever this spam is coming from, it is almost
>certainly not from an address signed up to the list. And if it is, that
>address could be deleted from the subscription list.

Answering your question, yes. As I said in my previous e-mail, some good programming in the listserver and this problem would be finished.