Re: The Far Edge Party

Anders Sandberg (
20 Sep 1999 17:45:51 +0200

m <> writes:

> How about where?
> 1.) Centre of the galaxy? (Very pretty starry nights
> if the radiation isn't too bad),
> 2.) 100 000 ly above the plane of the Galaxy, so you
> get a great plan view, try to get near a globular
> cluster too.

Why not settle for a globular cluster slightly above/beyond the disk? The original idea involved people copying themselves to explore all interesting parts of the galaxy, hence the far edge location. This way we can both get a nice view and a near edge position.

> Is this going to be BYO? :)

Hmm, I suddenly got an intuition. The Great Attractor - millions of galaxies converging towards a region of space a couple of hundred million lightyears away. Somebody is planning to hold a *huge* party!

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