Re: Fear of Nanotech

Mon, 20 Sep 1999 17:28:26 +0200

It appears as if <> wrote:
|Interesting comments on both counts. But if the USA was non-militaristic,
|would the rest of you feel more kindly towards us anyway? The answer is no.
|So military prowess just a straw-man for hatred. Hatred needs no excuse or
|further analysis, it just is.

I cannot decide on non-existent postulated data.

|Heinlein was basically a cranky old schmuck, with a huge amount of egotism,
|which included "wrap yourself in the American Flag ' patriotism/jingoism.
|But he was also a brilliant conceptualist and consistent, forward-thinking
|writer who was excellent at portraying human frailties and envy, which is
|part of the human (transhuman?) condition. At times, he was also capable of
|righting 'ripping good tales' made more believable with their consistency.

1925-1907=18 years	Entered U.S.Navy
1932-1907=25 years	Left U.S.Navy (contracted pulmonary tuberculosis)
1959-1907=52 years	Wrote ``Starship Troopers''

I detected a middle aged man's nostalgia over his youth in the book.