Anders Sandberg (
20 Sep 1999 17:32:39 +0200

Spike Jones <> writes:

> > Last week [Anders Sandberg] got a rather severe
> > cold and had a marvellous fever dream - I was an interstellar
> > economy...
> You were an interstellar economy? Cooool! Did you have
> wispy tendrils of capital stretching across the cosmos? Billions
> and billions of wealth concentrations, slowly wheeling in stately
> arcs, spewing vast quantities of electromagnetic venture capital
> thoughout the vast emptiness of space? With mysterious startup
> black holes absorbing most of it and returning nothing? {8^D

Exactly! How did you know? :-)

The fun part is that something similar is now emerging in our current roleplaying campaign, where an AI-based interstellar currency is playing an increasing role. People can literally speak with the Market itself, and it does have moods.

> Great fever dream Anders! If we upload, I wish to find you
> and get inside your marvelous brain, just to play among all
> the remarkable structures to be found there. Hope you are
> feeling better! {8-] spike

No problem, I usually get rid of colds quickly (vitamin c, lots of sleep and too little time to waste by being inefficient). And I will see what I can do to opensource parts of my brain :-)

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