RE: extropian memes in business week

Casper Kvan Clausen (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 16:52:40 +0200

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> A "meme" is to "ideas" (or information, really) what a "gene"
> is to an
> organism. "Memetics" is the notion that information
> reproduces and evolves in a manner analogous to genes.

Ah, not quite. Rather, it is the notion that the manner in which genes reproduce and evolve form a good paradigm within which to view information--i.e. memetics is a model rather than a theory.

This is nitpicking, of course, but I have found that many people object strongly to the notion of ideas being described as (what they understand as) virus-like; informing them that memetics is merely a model to help clarify certain attributes of ideas usually calms them down :)


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