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> |Try that for a second. Try to imagine how this kind of American
> militaristic
> |arrogance looks to non-Americans (and if that fails, go rent 'Starship
> |Troopers'; the best satire on American militarism I've ever seen). You may
> |suddenly realize just why so many non-Americans fear and hate you.
> The director of the ``Starship Troopers'' film made fun of the original
> Reading the original story gives a much better insight, I believe
Interesting comments on both counts. But if the USA was non-militaristic, would the rest of you feel more kindly towards us anyway? The answer is no. So military prowess just a straw-man for hatred. Hatred needs no excuse or further analysis, it just is.

Heinlein was basically a cranky old schmuck, with a huge amount of egotism, which included "wrap yourself in the American Flag ' patriotism/jingoism. But he was also a brilliant conceptualist and consistent, forward-thinking writer who was excellent at portraying human frailties and envy, which is part of the human (transhuman?) condition. At times, he was also capable of righting 'ripping good tales' made more believable with their consistency.