Re: Fears of nanotech

Mon, 20 Sep 1999 09:18:24 +0200

It appears as if <> wrote:
|You think many Chinese will care about US troops getting killed? Russians?
|Indians? Arabs? That's more than half the world's population already. I
|think you severely underestimate how many of the people of the world hate
|and despise America, largely because of its military ambitions.

The U.S.A. sacrificed Taiwan for the ``non-caring'' mainland China. That certainly made friends.

Maybe Eliezer S. Yudkowsky <> answered:
|No, actually I think we're despised for three reasons:
|1) We're richer than anyone else; furthermore we're arrogant about it.
|Whether this is actually true doesn't matter, because that's the perception.

Around here people know that the U.S.A. enjoys enormous differences in wealth. Those that hate the ``rich'' Americans, would then logically also hate the ``rich'' Japanese and EUropeans.

|2) America uses its power to ride roughshod over the interests of other
|nations, except when we get to play hero, at which time we care more
|about image and token victories than actually getting the job done. I
|think this one *is* true.

The U.S.A. as the world police certainly make enemies, but the American tendency to take the American way as granted also makes enemies. The old saying ``In Rome as the the Romans'' would be a nice addition to the education of Americans going abroad, I guess. !-|

|3) America's foreign-policy agenda of freedom and liberty makes us a
|huge annoyance to petty and not-so-petty dictators, so reporters in the
|controlled press that write pro-American stories are shot.

How large part of the world press belongs to the ``controlled'' cathegory?