Pre-transformation "Scrooge"

Mark D. Fulwiler (
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 19:20:45 -0700

It's hard to view the pre transformation Scrooge as any sort of "hero" for extropians. True enough, he was not initiating force against anyone and was providing a fairly good job for his clerk and a service of value to his clients. However, he clearly was an unhappy person. Although obviously of great wealth, he lived like a miser. He had no friends and held an irrational grudge against his nephew. He lost his fiancee because he spent all of his time making money, and now spends his evenings alone eating gruel. What a wonderful life!

After the transformation, Scrooge does not sell his business and go sit on a mountain top in India. On the contrary, he stays in the business world. He gives his sole employee a well deserved raise and agrees to help his crippled child. Just from a purely practical point of view, Scrooge's clerk will probably be much more productive because of these actions and one can only assume that eventually he will be made a partner in the firm. Likewise, Scrooge's charitable contributions will most likely do wonders for his public image and one can only imagine that even more customers and money will come pouring into his business. I can imagine old Scrooge being a generous contributor to charity, but also spending a little bit more of his money on himself as well.

And really, who wants to be a unloved old grouch?

Mark D. Fulwiler