Re: Your questions re: Extropic Flare In NY Art Scene

Natasha Vita-More (
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 18:32:36 -0700

At 06:40 AM 9/19/99 -0700, Carol Tilly wrote:

>> This is quite narrow because that particular post was an observation and
>> reflects an aspect of myself, but was not intended to pertain to my
>> particular set of values.

>I thought that your post was in part an attempt to bring the list somewhat
>more in line with the Extropian values. My response had many
>elicit other responses to your post, to validate your post, to invite the
>females to do a dance for the males, that they might understand more (they
>certainly appear totally taken up with their own dance at times), to see
>more of who you are, etc.

Thank you Carol for this, especially if it becomes an etude.

You asked about emotions: Although I am interested in refined emotions. I think emotions are essential to our evolution and joy of life, as well as pain and sorrow. The emotions that I would like to see enhanced vis a vis neural enhancements/augments for new pathways is because of sloppy reasoning and overly extended emotionality that may cause damage and often irreversible problems. I am more intellectually and emotionally oriented than physically oriented, however. My interests in the transhuman body is more because I am athletic and involved in extreme life expansion. I also see the body as an art form, but it is not my key focus.

>From my readings, life extension is merely guaranteeing that everyone can
>live to the maximum life expectancy of the current physical apparatus ~85
>years. Life expansion is taking the current physical apparatus and
>increasing that endpoint, perhaps to a total of 200 years given the biology
>of the system. AI and SI eliminate the biological opening up new endpoints
>and the possibility of infinity to consciousness.

We have a lot of work to do now in extending our lives maximally so I'm focused on genetic engineering, AI, nanotechnology, whole body prosthetics, sensorial augmentations, etc. I think that perhaps others on this list could better discuss SI.

> >I hope this helps clarify my vagueness. You are quite unique and so I
>>expect your choices to be the unexpected and give me something to ponder.

>> Ha! Sorry to disappoint you. I'm very clear about taking each step by
>> step in life extension and to continue evolving.

>Au contraire! I have never been disappointed by any human I have

Well said. To answer your question as succinctly as I can: My choices are basic -- to be live healthfully, understand my body and know how to converse with my physician, take responsibility for my medication and surgeries, illnesses and aches and pains, I am involved with cryonics. A little further on, start augmenting with machines (AI and Nano) and do a little tweaking with genetic engineering (somatic) and take each step along the way as we move father and farther along the ageless incline.

>And you are an immortalist.

Well, let's say I'm an extreme life extensionist -:)

In discovering the essential of our etude --