Re: violence...
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 17:02:35 EDT

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> What if one is extropian yet secretly enjoys such brutal displays of
> raw strength, courage and stupidity? spike

acknowledging the imperfections of ones wetware is eminently sane. i think that this is kinda what eliezer is doing when he watches _buffy the vampire slayer_, and its one of the main reasons im an active martial artist. i say find a good local dojo or kwoon or whatever, bs with the students and grand poobah, and if you decide you dig the setup, sign up and work out with em. its great. brain damage is quite unlikely, especially if you do something like an animal style of kung fu, which is still very active and violent, but where actual target contact is minimized*...

badassness is a learned trait, but ive gotta way to go still, sayke