Re: violence...

Spike Jones (
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 12:46:07 -0700

> > I dislike violence, I must confess I do enjoy watching ... I apologize for
> > it in advance, but that bioware is in there. I dont know why, where it
> > came from or how to get rid of it. Suggestions?
> Bryan Moss wrote: Violence isn't the problem - it's just another way of
> conveying information - our attitude towards violence is the problem.

Ja. I can support your contention that violence is a way of conveying information. That mysterious reptilian lowbrow bioware in my brain that experiences a strangely pleasant endorphine feedback from a good evenly-matched contest of fisticuffs is stimulated just as effectively with a videotaped match as with a live one. In fact, perhaps the videotape is superior, for then one need not suffer the possible guilt feelings for actually enjoying witnessing a couple of galoots bash each other senseless, knowing that by patronizing such a sport, one is actually encouraging these behaviours. Besides, the matches that are videotaped and archived are those in which the contestants *were* evenly matched and enthusiastic.

Where I wanted to go with this notion is that our human natures do have a darker side, and perhaps we as extropians have not fully dealt with the fact. At least I have not. Boxing is about as unextropian as can be imagined, for there is good evidence that brain damage results from a long career in this particular sport, which is likely unrepairable.

What if one is extropian yet secretly enjoys such brutal displays of raw strength, courage and stupidity? spike