Nanomedicine ordering for medical conference talk

Max More (
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 02:11:58 -0700

Robert, or anyone else who has information, please suggest how best to get at at least one copy, and possibly numerous copies of Nanomedicine. I seem to recall some suggestion about ordering it from the publisher instead of Amazon (or from somewhere else?) so that Robert Freitas gets the maximum royalites.

I especially want to get the book *soon* and perhaps multiple copies, since I will be giving a talk on the future of medical practice at the Medicine of the New Millennium conference. This will consist entirely of medical professionals (includig three Nobel prize-winners) and will count as credit by the AMA for continuing medical education. While my focus is on philosophical issues, I certainly want to have read Nanomedicine by the time of the conference in December, and perhaps give it some promotion. I reviewed one of the early chapters and was impressed.

So, please suggest -- should I place an order at Amazon or B&N, or with the publisher (contact info needed), and when is it available.?



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