Re: extropian memes in business week

Max More (
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 18:38:35 -0700

At 11:08 PM 9/17/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Is Business Week on a roll, or what? 27 September issue, p.142, article
>on directed evolution, lotsa cool extropian stuff. Having that stodgy old
>publication present the memes makes them seem so much more
>mainstreamy. I *guess* that is a good thing. (?) spike

Hey, Spike, don't you go calling my favorite magazine "stodgy"! BW has long been not only pro-market, but relentlessly positive in attitude about productive uses of new technologies -- not only information technology, but everything from genetic engineering (see cover feature a few months ago "Field of Greens"), to machine intelligence, to biology, and neural-computer interfaces.

If you want to get good, concise updates on technology, especially as it is actually being applied, Business Week is a great place to go.


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