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James Rogers (
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 19:41:17 -0700

At 07:17 AM 9/17/99 -0700, Brian D Williams <> wrote:
>Actually I think this is probably true, I tried searching some
>yesterday to determine what exactly they were using.
>The Japanese routinely gave Methamphetamine (shabu) to troops
>during WWII, especially kakikazi, to hype them up. We used
>amphetamines for the same reason, recently troops in Somalia had to
>deal with locals wacked out on Ghat.

While I can't speak for the other examples, U.S. troops are not given amphetamines to "hype them up". Amphetamines are used only on specific missions, usually covert ops deep in enemy territory, were the operational plan cannot allow the soldiers to sleep for a couple days. For most of the missions given to US combat troops, amphetamines would be of no help and probably detrimental.

-James Rogers